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A Variety of Opportunities are Available!

The services offered by Commercial Consulting Services are varied and reflect the firm's background and expertise.  Our goal has always been to assist our clients with solutions to whatever problems they face, either by providing help directly, or by referral.  This approach to customizing our work for every company means that, for the most part, our clients needs have controlled the development of the various services provided.

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WB01691_.gif (217 bytes)  Business Insurance Consultation

WB01691_.gif (217 bytes)  Executive Personal Support

WB01691_.gif (217 bytes)  Consumer Advocacy

WB01691_.gif (217 bytes)  Management Training

WB01691_.gif (217 bytes)  Office Systems Programming & Development

WB01691_.gif (217 bytes)  Office Systems Training

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Risk Management
Employee Safety and Loss Control

Business Insurance Consultation

CCS has always had a vision to fill a critical need expressed by many business owners to better understand their business insurance program and to find lower premiums. It has been our goal to assist the small and midsize business owner toward thoughtfully programmed business Property & Casualty insurance coverage, while at the same time, dramatically reducing the expensive costs of this necessary protection. 

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Executive Personal Support

Most business owners already know well that leadership is lonely.  While it is satisfying to see the fruits of their labors over time, when the "buck stops" always at your desk, it can become a daily frustration with no one to help.  They've also found that talking it though at home is not the answer and, of course, constant "crisis management" never allows time for development.  Over the years, goals and dreams begin to fall by the side.  

Hard work and perseverance can be keys to finding the success, money and satisfaction you desire. However, the price of  poor health, not having enough time to enjoy life, strained family relationships and lessened productivity is too high.  The result will likely be less than your dream, or the inability to enjoy it once you get there! 

Performers and athletes are well aware of this problem. They know they need a trainer - a coach - to help them set goals, understand their real needs, and work effectively with them, to assist in making their dreams a reality!  Today, business leaders from every profession are finding that having a trained Executive Personal Support provider works for them in the same way!

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Consumer Advocacy

In today's marketplace there are many companies that take advantage of honest, trusting consumers by making exaggerated claims in their marketing and then providing either faulty products or bad service.  At one time or another we have all experienced this problem and then been frustrated to discover that there was little we could do remedy the situation.  We complained to the company and no one listened.  A lawyer was simply too expensive.  The result?  We simply settled for losing our money and didn't do business with that company again.  

We think there is a better way!  We can help you get your money back, get a new product, or receive the service response that you expected and deserve!  In dealing with both insurance carriers and other types of business for 15 years, we have rarely lost a fair settlement for our clients.  Best of all, there will be NO "up front" costs to you and if we don't win your case, you will owe CCS nothing!  Our Consumer Advocacy services are available to both business and single party consumers.

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Management and Office Systems
Training and Development

In any business, the need for management of resources and personnel, in addition to organizational systems which implement those management concerns, are fundamental to the success of the company. CCS has often been called on to assist in the development of these administrative systems, and also to provide counsel to assist in the resolution of employee disputes and the improvement of management-employee relations.

Commercial Consulting Services is available to offer a variety of helpful tools in this area, including: training seminars, analysis of management concerns and the development of administrative systems targeted at specific problems, and positive intervention in customer or employee relations issues. Assistance is also available for the development of custom computer software and training in several popular office software applications.

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Web Site Design
Web Search Engine Positioning

Have you considered putting your
business on the World Wide Web?

Many businesses today are finding the Internet to be a profitable way to advertise. We have been carefully watching this trend for the last decade and as you know, this new electronic medium is revolutionizing the way we communicate and do business. During this time, CCS has been retained by some of our clients to assist in developing an Internet Web site for their business and then positioning that site on the World Wide Web so that potential customers would come "through the door" of their new virtual store. Each of our clients is now experiencing new business generated by their Web presence!  We would be happy to consider helping you in the same way.

Our professional web sites can often be developed for your company a savings of more than 70% compared with other developers!

Our Web Site Design services are provided by Digital Photo Arts Lab, a division of CCS.  Contact us for more information! 


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